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About Me

Hi! My name is Elia

I was born in Empoli in December 1989. Since I was a child I love electronics and computer science. My interests have evolved on the web and on photography.

Even if I'm not an expert, I like to create websites every once in a while and when I can, walk around with friends to take some pictures.

I'm a big fan of Japanese Anime and Manga, but reading books is also a hobby I carry on.


Just because I like something and I'm interested in it ... doesn't mean I can do it ..

  • IT and Electronics
  • Web Design and Programming
  • Graphics and Photography
  • Anime and Manga
  • Video Games and Role Play
  • Reading

Yes.. this is me..

... Random Pictures ...

My Job

Marketing, Web & IT Employer

I have been working at Tenute Giachi s.r.l. since 2009. I have really dealt with many things within the company, and I have seen it grow and change to become the company that it has now become. When I went to work there, the offices counted 4 people .. now we are over 10.

I deal with the various sites of the group, newsletters and advertising. I also follow various projects with our partners. I also handle most of the IT and Network issues in the company.