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Black & White

Photographs in Black and White, some of which designed, realized, shot and processed directly in B / W, while others were done in post processing.


Started as a joke to take some pictures of some friends in cosplay ... when I have the opportunity I shoot something to others too .. I like it a lot!

Building & Architecture

Going for a walk in company is always nice. If you have the opportunity to go with a group to shoot around cities, sometimes you find beautiful situations!


Landscape photography is a photographic genre that portrays the natural or urban landscape. Perhaps the most popular genre is from amateur photographers.  


Random photos, which would also go into other categories ... but I didn't want to sort out ... so I gathered them all here.  


Nature photography is always passionate. Some focus on animals, some on plants .. personally, neither of them ... I capture what captures me.  

People & Potraits

It is not always possible to take an organized shot ... for various reasons. Sometimes everything is set up, sometimes you shoot and go. Frame and shoot!  

Street Photography

Street photography is a photographic genre that wants to capture subjects in real and spontaneous situations in everyday life.