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Vintage Museum...
Vintage Stuff

It’s no secret that I love computer and vintage technology. Instead of throwing these old machines away, I keep them and cherish them, sometimes I even startup them to play a little. I am a vintage computer enthusiasts.

Zenith Data System

SlimSport 286

Text taken from MC-MicroComputer magazine # 110/1991:

SlimsPORT 286 You will never tire of looking at it.

Do you know a portable personal computer capable of satisfying your professional needs, and also your eyesight? If I’ve never seen it, here it is. It is the new SlimsPORT 286, designed to be practical, light and powerful, but also to be pleasant, to see and to use. This is why it has a series of functions designed specifically for your comfort.

– I brought it to use for hours without straining my eyes, thanks to a new video backlight system.
– You will easily read texts and graphics on a 23 cm VGA screen with 32 game tones (twice the average of laptops)
– Discover how comfortable and silent the keyboard is.

With SlimsPORT 286 it uses 1 Mb RAM memory (extendable up to 5 Mb) with a 20 Mb hard disk, which means that it must safely use the most popular programs, today and tomorrow. But there is more. like all Zenith Data Systems laptops, slimsPORT 286 is equipped with Intelligent Power Management, a tool to improve the autonomy of the computer and protected from unexpected interruptions.

Photographic Equipment

Sony Alpha 7 II
Mirrorless FullFrame

Sony FE 70-200mm

Sony FE 28-70mm
f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens

Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm
f/1.8 ZA Lens


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